White Papers

Software Defined Networks

SDN (n): a new software-centric approach to networking that reduces capital and operational cost through programmatic control of network infrastructure, facilitating customization, optimization and innovation.
A White Paper by the Open Networking Foundation SDN allows network designers and operators to simplify networks by exploiting fundamental abstractions; you will never think about networking the same way again.
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Software Defined Storage Networks – A Primer

While Software Defined Networking (SDN) has captured the attention and focus on virtualizing networks, Jeda Networks has applied the SDN approach to one of the last major areas of the IT infrastructure that has yet to be truly virtualized: the connection between applications and their data. We call this technology Software Defined Storage Networks (SDSN™). SDSNs virtualize the network between applications and their data, referred to as the storage network, by decoupling the complex storage networking control plane (the intelligence that tells the hardware what to do) from the physical network. This results in an abstracted and simplified storage network capable of being “programmable” by software. SDSNs solve the limitations of a fixed and rigid physical storage network—namely scalability, high cost, high complexity, and lack of agility.
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Virtualizing the SAN with Software Defined Storage Networks

Jeda Networks SDSN technology is an innovative, virtualized and scalable solution that is transforming the way applications connect with network storage. It’s the next generation in the long evolution of SAN architectures. A Jeda Networks SDSN reduces costs and simplifies management to bring the benefits of high-performance network storage to cloud, enterprise and SMB environments.
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