US Venture Partners
U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) has helped build great companies for three decades. Since its inception in 1981, USVP has invested over $2.7 billion in about 450 companies. Throughout, USVP’s partners have worked diligently and consistently with early-stage companies, many of which have become industry leaders. The USVP team consists of accomplished venture investors, former CEOs, senior executives and technology company founders, who span four generations of high-technology venture investing. This engenders a perspective on business cycles, “hot” market trends, technology evolution and revolution that is not present among all early-stage investors. Together, we have more than 300 years of operating experience and nearly 200 years of investment expertise. The majority of our investment activities fall into three categories: information technology, life science and technologies for adapting to or mitigating climate change. Areas of current focus include energy-related products and services, semiconductors, Web-enabled services for businesses and consumers, storage, wireless communication, sustainable agriculture, biomedical devices and new drugs with profound social benefits.

USVP’s track record of helping to build significant companies from the embryonic stage began in the early 1980s with investments in companies such as Sun Microsystems and AMCC, both of which continue to be market leaders supplying computer systems and VLSI circuits respectively. The firm’s deep industry expertise, technical strengths, team approach, network of outstanding people, and access to capital from “blue chip” limited partners have made a positive impact on hundreds of information technology and life sciences companies. For more information, visit


Miramar Venture Partners
Miramar Venture Partners, launched in 2001, is focused on early and expansion stage venture capital investing in information technology companies, primarily in Southern California. Miramar partners with leading entrepreneurs to transform game changing ideas into capital efficient, profitable businesses. Their partners and many of their investors have deep roots in the region and share a common purpose of supporting local entrepreneurism and technology development. For more information, visit